Spring seems to be in the air here at Tuell Farm. All the birds are looking very busy, feeding themselves up by stolen snacks from the chickens feed, or from the bird tables and feeders we have around the farm, getting ready for the season of singing and nesting. The Jackdaws are aligning themselves on the tree branches in distinct twos. We have an old stone threshing barn here that has just been reroofed. Before this, it belonged entirely to the jackdaws who poked their heads out between the tiles, and squabbled for the best nesting nooks amongst the stone walls. Now that it has a new roof, it must be certainly less drafty but access not so easy. The jackdaws hung out in the trees nearby with dismay at the intrusion of their barn, but now that there is a pause in the work for the holiday season, they have happily found their way back. Once the work on the barn is completed we hope it will be a good space for games rooms and activities for the holiday cottages, but currently remains an exploring barn for both visitor and jackdaw.